In recent months, especially during the first confinement, and in view of what looks to happen next, the TTS has acquired a special importance.

Things as they are: the covid 19 of the balls is winning the battle, between irresponsibility of some, incompetence of those in charge, and other circumstances. Winter is coming and this time it is a threat. The smart, safe and responsible thing is to stay at home , especially if we want to take care of our own. Unfortunately, events very important and iconic  had to be canceled.

Bad times for everything. Also for the hobby.

But thanks to the TTS we can continue to play wh40k safely.

What is the TTS?

The Tabletop Simulator (TTS hereafter) is a simulator, as its name suggests. It is not a video game , even if it looks like it and is sold on Steam . At least not from the point of view that you cannot play alone, since what it simulates is a virtual board. With your chips, your dice, your cards, etc.

Let’s say that it is an engine for the players themselves to create their games, where in reality “create” is rather “reproduce”, in almost all cases. There are hundreds of replicated games, with more or less success. Precisely in the article I referred to earlier, I commented that it was an excellent way to play online with someone who is miles away.

The fact is that, among others, there is also the possibility of playing wh40k. And in these times when social distance is a must , it may be our best option to continue with our favorite hobby.As you can see in the next image, things look better than could be expected.

playing at tts

Steps to play wh40k on TTS

The first thing, obviously, acquire the TTS. When you have it installed, I highly recommend the excellent tutorial that Bizarre has marked on its DeepGames channel (to which you are undoubtedly already subscribed), which I recommend that you see:

But the summary of what you need (as of today, September 29) is as follows:

  • In the workshop, you are looking for the “FTC – 40k 9th Edition map” module, which is the one that the game creator will have to use. It is a very complete module, with a multitude of tools perfectly prepared to play.
  • Also in the workshop, you look for the maps. There are several, I usually use the ones that say “WTC – Table x – 9th edition”. Remember that when loading it you have to click on “additive load “.
  • And also in the workshop, you look for the minis of your army, pulling search and keywords (example: Blood Angels). When you have them, before starting, do a solo session by opening these workshops, selecting the minis you want and saving them as objects. Then you just have to import them into the game created.
  • Skype, hangout, or any other program to talk to your colleague. It seems silly, but there are those who have downloaded the TTS and have not realized that they need to talk while playing, and have had problems when going to do it (lack of microphone, user, etc.).

And that’s it? Well, in principle yes, but this is not as simple as it seems, you have to spend some time fiddling with the various game options. I even recommend doing a test game to get familiar with all the controls, and if you can play with someone who already knows him, all the better. It would not, if you have never played with TTS, you do the tutorial to get familiar with the controls, camera rotation, quick keys, etc .

tabletop simulator screenshot

Advantages and disadvantages of TTS


  • Obviously, that you can play from your computer. And that means being able to play with anyone and whenever. Not only the problem of distance is solved, but also that of schedules, transportation of minis … In addition, spectators can be admitted.
  • You can test miniatures that you don’t have at home, without having to buy them.
  • In some ways it is even easier than playing in person. For example, when rolling a large number of dice that you also repeat, etc.
  • You can save the game and continue at another time.


  • Finding the right minis can be difficult. Nothing happens, pull proxies until you find what you are looking for. For example, if you can’t find eliminators, grab some classic explorers and enlarge them until they are the size of primaris; It is not the same, but to play it is enough. Another option is for you to be a 3D design artist and do it yourself, here is a tutorial in English.
  • Although the engine and the graphical interface are very good, it can be a bit cumbersome to move the miniatures, place them on scenery elements without falling, etc. You have to get the hang of it.
  • Sometimes there is a server crash. Usually not a problem thanks to the automatic save, it does happen sometimes and it can ruin a good game.
  • Obviously, it is not the same as playing in person.

One final tip

I know many people who are little given to playing virtual games, for various reasons. In general, the reluctance is great.

I understand, the same thing happened to me. It is clear that playing online is not the same as playing in person, nor will it ever be.

But between playing in person and not being able to play there is a gulf. Playing online will always be better than not playing, and I can assure you that the experience, after all, is very similar. I encourage you all to try to enjoy this wonderful ninth edition that we have in hand, until the covid is a bad memory.