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1299-748250-619220-549PLAYER DASHBOARD (40K/SIGMAR or GENERIC)
2749-998620-824550-729DICE SET (20 UNITS)
3999-1498825-1239730-1090DASHBOARD (TIER1) + DICE SET (TIER2)
41499-19981240-12341100-1459MAGNETIZED ARMY BOX

The value of the order is the total value without including the Paypal commission, shipping costs or the purchase of the thumbnails if requested.

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miniature painting service

For those who want the best for many miniatures

inifinity army yu jing

For those who want an unbeatable finish in miniatures that will see many battles

warhammer commission painting

For those who want their army to dazzle on the battlefield

inifinity army yu jing

For those who want a fast, eye-catching finish with attention to detail

indomitus box

For those who want massive armies painted for battle in the shortest possible time

how to paint tzeench