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Lost world Exodus. All about this great miniatures game

We have had the honor of painting the Lost World Exodus miniatures, and we would like to discuss what this game is all about.

Your expedition has discovered that the interior of Antarctica has been transformed into a wild and wonderful land rich in potential. Fight for the secrets of the Lost World as one of the eight great powers of the Dystopian Age!

What is Lost World Exodus?

Lost World Exodus is a 35mm-scale skirmish wargame set in the eerie but deadly lands of a transformed Antarctica. In this alternate history, might makes right as the eight great powers of the world desperately seek every advantage to rise supreme in this dystopian age. Lead your force of fantastically detailed and evocative miniatures to explore the Lost World and harness its wealth for your people. But reckless commanders beware, your enemies and even the land itself are equally determined to keep these secrets to themselves.

There are eight factions fighting for control of the Lost World. Each faction represents one of the great powers of the dystopian age. They are:

  • The Latin Alliance
  • The Commonwealth
  • The Celestian Empire
  • The Prussian Empire
  • The British Crown
  • The Covenant of the Enlightened Ones
  • The Union of Federated States
  • The Ottoman Sultanate

While Lost World Exodus shares the basic rules of ‘Exodus’, it brings a number of unique unit types and special rules that make these eight factions play very differently from those found in Wild West Exodus. In Lost World we see Commander units leading Detachments. These Detachments include Specialists that can be combined with Troop units to enhance their skills and performance in the game. In this way, the Enlightened and the Union, although already seen in Wild West Exodus, have a different structure and behavior to reflect the different aspects of those factions found in the Lost World.

Narratively, Lost World Exodus presents a self-contained theater of conflict in the same way that Wild West Exodus does. Infamous Frontier outlaw Jessie James is no more concerned with sky captain Betty Parkhurst’s aerial exploits over Antarctica than he is with her latest daring heist in Red Oak. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the rich narrative and setting of their chosen Exodus without worrying that the wider conflicts of the world will render their efforts insignificant.

Of course, since Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus share basic rules, players of both can engage in exciting and challenging competitive tournaments and casual games. With fourteen distinct factions spread across two games, there has never been a better time to jump into the dystopian era on a 35mm scale.