Both to start a new army and to complete an existing one, these boxes are usually very interesting at every Christmas season . Let’s discover those of this 2020.

Space Marines Battleforce 2020

That of Space Marines brings a Vanguard force with their Phobos armor on 10 Infiltrators / Raiders, 10 Reivers and a Captain Phobos, plus an Invictor armor and a Booster transport.

battleforce space marines 2020

Necrons Battleforce 2020

In the case of the Necrons we have 10 Warriors, 5 Immortals / Omnicides, 5 Praetorians of the Triarch or Necroguards, a Canoptic Spider, a two-flavored croissant and a Technomancer.

battleforce necrons 2020

Imperial Guarda Battleforce 2020

For the Imperial Guard there are 20 brave soldiers of the Astra Militarum along with a command squad, an officer, a heavy weapons squad, a Sentinel, a Chimera and a Hydra or Wyvern.

battleforce imperial guard 2020

Chaos Space Marines Battleforce 2020

To keep the galaxy ablaze, the Chaos Space Marines bring in 10 Chaos Marines, 5 Annihilators, 5 Chaos Terminators, a Forge Devil or Shatter Devil, and a Chaos Lord with a thunderhammer.

battleforce chaos space marines 2020

T´au Battleforce 2020

The T’au Empire arrives alongside 10 warriors of the Fire Caste, 10 Trackers, 3 Crisis armors, an Apocalypse armor, a Piranha, a Commander and assorted drones, which are never in excess.

battleforce tau 2020

Tyranids Battleforce 2020

And to make Christmas unforgettable, you can also invite the Tyranids along with these 16 Genestealers, 10 Gargoyles, 3 Tyranid Guards or whalers, an Exocrine or Haruspex and a Swarm Tyrant or Lord of the Horde.

Combat Patrol Box Blood Angels 2020

In addition, the Blood Angels will have a new Combat Patrol box , like those that other factions have already received, with 25 levels of power in miniatures. In your case with 5 intercessors, 5 infiltrators / raiders, 3 attackers, a Booster and a Primaris Librarian.

command patrol box blood angels