We begin to have details of the new campaign, web included!

Hold on, curves are coming. We already have the first details of the new campaign for Age of Sigmar, which will bring backstory preview

New rules and new miniatures

The first volume of this narrative campaign will be titled the same as its protagonist: Morathi . As we can read on the web, he has been preparing a ritual for some time that is nearing its end, just at the same moment that a group of followers of the captive god Slaanesh discovers a portal, which connects right with the place where he is imprisoned. The Daughters of Khaine guard that access, but not precisely to avoid being discovered …

Broken Realms Shadow and Pain limited set

This little piece of backstory leads to the previously announced Broken Realms: Shadow and Pain limited set , but it’s not all we’ll see. Anvilgard , the city ​​of Sigmar , has a role in all this, where we will see agents of war like the priestess Drussa Kraeth , of the Darkling coven , the Lord-veritant Keizer Ven Vrect , of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer .

Some pictures of new armies

On the other hand, a group of agents of Chaos , commanded by paladin Rokar Gresh , and a hunting party Idoneth Deepkin , commanded by King Sythus Nemmetar , seem to have a certain interest in the conflict.

All these protagonists will have their own warscroll battalion , and it seems that packs of miniatures (we do not know if discounted NdR: Probably not .) To represent the battles that will take place in the book.

In addition, everything will be accompanied by stories like the ones we were able to read during the prelude to Malign Portents , starting shortly through the Games Workshop newsletter . We can see all the information in Warhammer Community or on the website created for this campaign.

We don’t have any more information for now, but it’s very exciting to imagine where the shots can go, and very gratifying to once again have a preview of the background and attention for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Morathi is tired of being a second woman, her time has come …