And here we have the Battleforce for Age of Sigmar this year. It is not to make a comparative grievance but these boxes look much more than those of their older brother, especially the Disciples of Tzeentch : 

battleforce goomspite
gloomspite battleforce 2020
battleforce kharadron
Kharadron Overlords Battleforce – Barak-Nar Skyfleet

An Arkanaut Frigate and two Gunhaulers also increase the interest of the Kharadron Battleforce, although what would have really been missing is the Flying Dreadnought. 

battleforce ogors
Ogor Mawtribes Battleforce – Meatgrinder Warglutt
Battelforce Tzeentch
Disciples of Tzeentch Battleforce – Fatesworn Host

With these cases we have resolved the question that we have every year at this time: the Battleforce of this year overwhelmingly inclined to Age of Sigmar .