Hi miniature fans!

There are many types of players. There are those who are starting, there are those who have started in the octave (it cannot be said since they are newbies) and there are those who have been giving wh40k for years.

Obviously, information cannot be directed in the same way to different audiences, and that is a problem. The veteran player is interested in changes, but the rookie is interested in how you play, the point guard.

Therefore, I think his thing is that I dedicate this article to what changes, which is a lot . Without going into too much detail but, I hope, leaving me nothing. And in the end, a short notice forweirdos chapters that do not yet have a supplement.

What’s New

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the new units:

  • Primaris Captain with Relic Shield: The Primaris Captain is not really new, but this equipment option is, in which case he also carries a heavy pistol and a handcrafted energy sword. The relic shield, in addition to giving you 2+ save, gives you 4 ++ no pain against mortals. Considering that he is part of 6H, and that there is some way to improve them, he is a magnificent character. In addition to a beautiful miniature.
  • Chaplain on a motorcycle: the new mini, very cool indeed. A good amount of wounds with reasonable stamina, which will be where you want to launch the litany. I still like the retro option more, but there is no doubt that it has more mobility, the advantage of being primaris, and much more stamina. Very interesting.
  • Tecnomarine primaris: it’s not really new, it came out sometime (can’t remember when) after the previous codex. Here it is simply added to the total.
  • Assault Intercessors : They are exceptional. Their great virtue is that they are troop type, so they can be used as a base for detachments and have a guaranteed objective. I love.
  • Heavy intercessors : that is, Marines with gravis armor (R5 and 3H, plus some new stratagem that gives them more survivability) and with heavy bolters of three types, as always with the intercessors. Their greatest virtue: that they are troop type. So they serve to build lists and have a guaranteed objective. They are expensive but profitable. Great for lagging behind controlling a target and shooting from afar.
  • Standard Bearer bladeguard : Like all other standard bearers, but with +1 to hit Bladeguard units. Almost forced if we carry them.
  • Bladeguard : heavy primaris, the equivalent of exterminators, we could say, saving 2 + / 4 ++. They hit a hell of a lot, with their handcrafted energy swords. The base comes with a heavy bolt pistol, but the neo-volkite that the sergeant can carry can kill and are 2 damage shots 2. They are not gravis and that is an advantage when using an impeller.
  • Veteran intercessors : another very interesting unit, which for me is new although before we could replicate them, in some way, spending command points. Because the novelty is that they can carry chainswords, and that means 4 A per mini (5 the sergeant) without counting on the loading bonus, etc.
  • Judge: the truth is that this mini puzzles me by concept. I dont understand her. In any case, it is a character that occupies an elite slot, and thankfully, because if it were CG, its use would not be considered. He is a duelist who scores good toñas and condemns an opposing miniature to fight last, so it is normal for him to always go first. However, I see a rather defensive character.
  • Outriders : that is, the new primaris motorcycles. Very good at shooting and even better at assaulting (they charge 19 attacks). With 4H of R5, they hold a lot and move a lot. Magnificent, the only downside is that they can only be 3.
  • Invader ATV squad : the new buggie. They are 8H of R5, and the interesting thing is that they can go in a squad of 3. There are already those who have sought the great combo with the apothecaries, since now when they resurrect a miniature they do so with their full wounds. This will be faq meat shortly for sure, so don’t hang on to it. However, it is still a lot of shooting and a lot of mobility with good stamina.
  • Storm speeders: the new land speeders primaris. Well the same: the improvements are in the form of more wounds and attacks. However, in my opinion they are not worth much: having 10H they degrade. Other options may be better to play your role.
  • Eradicators : the new primaris fusioners. Spectacular. They come in, break something, and then kill them, they have gravis armor. That’s 6 fusion shots if they haven’t advanced. Perfect to come from RE and merge something.
  • Firestrike servo turret – One firing platform, 6 shots from F7 FP-1 and D2 or 4 laser shots. The problem is that it only has 5H, although it is solved if a unit of 3 is put in, and on top it only moves 3 ″. For me, very bad.
  • Gladiator: we already knew this one, but it was not in the previous codex. More repulsor chassis variants with a powerful heavy weapon. It is the toughest and most powerful tank that the Marines have today, although it does not say much to me personally.
  • Hammerfall bunker: well , a bunker. A lot of firepower, but it remains static, something that in this edition is not usually a good idea. Interesting from a defensive point of view.

A good handful of news. It’s time to choose the ones that we like the most and start giving them cane.

Space Marines Indomitus

Major Changes to the Space Marine Codex

Let’s go with chicha, because there are many and very important changes.

  • And they won’t know fear : it’s over for the Marines to be so resistant to moral losses. From now on this rule only serves to ignore penalties on the attrition roll. Something almost useless, except if we carry large units. Attention from now on to moral losses.
  • Maximum of one captain and two lieutenants per detachment: this is over with bringing tons of captains. It makes sense, it doesn’t seem bad to me.
  • Captains / Lieutenants and Auras in general : Now they no longer apply to themselves, only to “base” units, which are essentially infantry and motorcycles. If we want a captain to go alone to distribute tow, it will have to be a …
  • Chapter Command : Actually this is not new, we already had it after the last Psychic Awakening. However, given its importance since it is now in the codex, I think it is good to highlight it. I think they are improvements that we are going to use in almost every battle, so let’s not lose sight of them.
  • Some equipment options are now stratagems: such as Smoke Dischargers or Assault Launchers.

This in broad strokes. That doesn’t seem like much, but they are already being little things. The big thing, however, comes in the unit changes.

Units that improve

  • The Techmarine: in addition to the possibility of being a Chapter Commander, he gains a very interesting ability that allows one vehicle per turn to fire at +1. Therefore, it is essential when carrying it with the heaviest.
  • Infiltrators: now there is no helix adept profile, in its place there is a mini that wears the gauntlet, which allows it, once per you, that the first failed save has 0 damage. I mean, it’s a wonderful tank. If we have to save ourselves from a single attack, for example, we assign it to him and that’s it. If there are more, he will have to eat them all himself, but at least the first one he does not save will be with 0 damage. If he survives, in the next turn he will continue to tank. For only 10 points it costs, it seems to me that it is a bargain: let’s take into account that an infiltrator costs 24 points, so we could say that an infiltrator wound is 12. For this alone it is already worth it.
  • Raiders: His knives now have FP-1. The mines now change, instead of being placed in a point they acquire a defensive character against charges: if the opponent ends the charge in contact with the mine carrier, a die is rolled and 2+ explodes. It does not seem to me a better performance than the previous one but not worse either. I think they generally win.
  • Apothecaries: now have a 6+ no pain aura, and to lift fallen minis they do so with a stratagem and without a roll (and obviously without the possibility of losing the turn). Taking into account that they are also an elite option, which is an added value for characters by not occupying the valuable CG slots, in my opinion they are not only very playable now, but an almost automatic option in any list.
  • Reivers: now have a stratagem (yes 2 MPs) that removes the opponent’s assured target rule and / or cancels actions. That is, they have a role that is not so combat-oriented as snatching objectives from the opponent, something very useful in this edition. In addition to applying a -2 to the enemy’s leadership. I don’t know if the improvement is enough, but it is certainly an improvement.
  • Terminators : now the teleportation beacon allows you to go to reserves to later enter our deployment zone or 3 “from a friendly unit (always 9” from the opponent), thus gaining a lot of mobility.
  • Dreadnoughts: Everyone wins by reducing damage taken by 1, which until now was a ploy. Wonderful.
  • Stunted: Gain 1 wound, both infantry (with the exception of scouts) and motorcycles. Obviously more endurance, although their price also rises and, in my opinion, they are not at the level of their older cousins.
dreadnought space marines

Units worsening

  • The explorers : who are now elite. And above they stay with 1H. To the head shelf, since they lose their main virtue, that of being a cheap troop.
  • Aggressors : the bad guy is fat. They no longer shoot double and now they do have the -1 penalty when advancing and shooting (this they should have left). In such a way that now they are only worth it with flamethrowers, since they now reach 12 ″. Despite the new ploy he applies to all gravis to improve survival, I think there are now better options in the codex.
  • Centurions: Loses Bolt Mastery.
  • Eliminators: They lose the Sergeant’s ability to not shoot to give hit and wound bonuses, as well as fire without line of sight. Also, the new skill with the carbine becomes move after shooting, which is not bad but is worse than the previous one. Tremendous blow to what for me was the best unit in the codex.
  • Repulsors / Gladiators : lose the rule of flying. In return, they gain a stratagem that allows them to reduce enemy charges and also retreat and fire. But the change, obviously, is for the worse.
  • Impellers: in this case the loss of the flying rule is especially serious. In addition, his invulnerable shield becomes 5+. Another very strong blow.

As you can see, there is everything, but I would dare to say that in general there are more improvements than deteriorations. In any case, the chickens that come in through those that come out.


Small but many and very subtle changes, as you can see. That means a lot of things, and not just for Marine players, but for everyone.

To begin with, players of all factions can already expect many things that we have seen in this codex, such as the subject of auras, the classification of stratagems (I have not commented on it, but now these are classified by types, which are reflected in some rules), and things like that.

Marine players in general I think we have reason to be satisfied, at least for now. We continue with the same tools as far as competitiveness is concerned, with a great variety of miniatures and therefore options to build the list, and a good handful of novelties which are more interesting. There are things that are lost, but many others are gained. I personally do not understand the amount of complaints I have seen / read out there.

And what about the weirdos?

You know, I’m talking about Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Deathwatch. We will have to start calling them in another way, because from now on they are a chapter like any other, at least as far as operation is concerned. Quiet because they have not lost an iota of their personality: for example, the Space Wolves remain what they have been until now, not only by rules, but also by units.

Overall, I think there is good news. We gain access to units that we did not have until now, for example centurions or storm cannons, as well as relics and stratagems that, now, will be common to all. And the same for the generic Warlord trait table and the Librarius psychic discipline. It was about fucking time .

Yes, I know that the PDFs that have come out are patches in which many things are not clear and it seems that they have taken a lot from us. I can only say that you have to be patient until the supplements come out. It will be a few weeks (months in the case of AOs), until then, let’s be clear that we are in limbo. We can go playing with all the news that they have given us, familiarizing ourselves with them and enjoying them. And the time will come to deploy all the exclusive resources of our chapters.

In any case, I hope you understand that I dedicate a few lines to my chapter …

What changes for Blood Angels

I will be very brief because there will be time to elaborate when I play. I mark by colors how the units are for me.

  • Dante: is much more playable. Being Chapter Master he does not lose his aura with himself. It also adds 1 PM to the list (about time!). Which are actually more, because once per battle you can cast an epic ploy for free. The Mortalis ax is no longer as good against characters, but instead has flat 2 damage, and free -1 to be hit in melee.
  • Sanguinor: Extra Attack Aura no longer warps on Shock Strike, rendering it quite useless. In return, he improves his heroic interventions to 6 ″, and gains a background and interesting defensive ability, being able to enter directly into combat from RE. And like Dante, he has -1 to be hit, improving survivability, and flat 2 damage. In my opinion, it improves.
  • Corbule / Bloodthirsty Priests : Like all apothecaries (a bloody priest after all, that’s what) they improve in their function. Corbulo already has a boss apothecary trait, being able to heal twice per turn. And also the new ability of the Grail is to apply the doctrine of assault to 6 ″; much better, for my taste, than the previous + 1F and the possible extra attacks. So they both improve, no doubt.
  • Mephiston : stays as it was, with its incomprehensible 1D3 damage.
  • Librarian Dread – Improves survivability like all dreadnoughts. The halberd can only be used once per combat, but it does provide an extra attack and also deals 3 + 1D3 damage. In addition, in the base profile it has 4A, one more than before. So in total he’s going to do 4 javelin +1 punch attacks (+1 per charge, and other bonuses). Since he is still a character, we can put a trait and a relic on him, so all good. In my opinion it wins a lot.
  • Astorath : now the Mass of the Damned is one more litany … very logical, and yes, it improves, since even the worst result gives something good; Eliminate a model but the unit gains 1 attack. Of course, be careful because this die cannot be repeated, and it also applies to characters. If a 1 is rolled, goodbye to the character (including Astorath himself); I wouldn’t be surprised if this is asked soon. I miss some trait of those who come in Master of Holiness, it surprises me. The ax is now flat damage 3 … the truth is that I liked it better before, but okay. I leave it in black because I think we need to know something, meanwhile I see it more or less as good.
  • Lemartes : keep repeating charge rolls, but no longer hitting; In order to do so, he has to leave by litany. In return, he can now launch two litanies, thus allowing the same combo as up to now, consisting of the CM repeating to hit and the 6s being with FP-4; the bitch is that going to 3+ may not come out, so in this sense it clearly worsens. And another thing that gets worse is that his litanies only affect the CM. And above it loses 1A. The only save is that the crozius does flat 2 damage. So it clearly gets worse.
  • Bloodthirsty Guard : they win 1A, just for this is already to celebrate. But also now their special ability accompanying the SdlG gives them +1 to hit instead of repeating everything, which in my opinion is better because now they do war with Dante. And finally, incarnate weapons, like fists, do flat 2 damage. All upgrades.
  • Company of death: he wins 1H that comes from fear. They can’t take action or unlock, but who wants them to do that? They have come to what they have come. Although they can no longer be cast on the 4+ Wound Stratagem, they do improve for durability.
  • Intercessors of the CM: they have the same profile as veteran intercessors, that is, 3A and the possibility of putting a chain sword on them. That’s 7 attacks per mini on the charge if chapter doctrine is active. If they already seemed good to me before, now more.
  • CM Dreadnought : Win 1A but lose replay all to hit. And like all dread, win survival. Attention to the magneto dam, now it serves to prevent, by means of a roll, that a vehicle is unlocked; I liked the +2 charge better than before, but it’s still useful. For me it improves for the durability and for the possible use of RE.
  • Dreadnought Furioso: the frag gun is now heavy, with an F7 FP-1 D2 profile and an 18 ″ range, thus having a 24 ″ target range. If it is set up for melee with two weapons, then it has the same number of attacks as the CM (but without the black rage, of course). And of course with the survival improvement of all dread. Wow if it improves.
  • Predator Baal: improves the range of the flamethrower weapons, now the main barrel is 18 ″ and the heavy flamethrower 12 ″. It also has the old advance stratagem integrated, so that it advances directly 6 ″ for a total of 18 ″. Incomprehensibly the guns are still heavy, so you can’t fire them if you go forward, which would be your thing. Is there a ploy of his own to do so? If so, it will be very playable; if not … I have my doubts. Until we know it, for me it stays the same, although there are obvious improvements.

Forgive me if I do not comment on Gabriel Seth, because I think that it must be seen in conjunction with everything that comes for Rending, or Tycho because for me he should no longer be here.

And that’s it, this is what we know. The rest of the rules they give us are those that came in Blood of Baal, but clearly many things are missing. We have to wait for the supplement, it makes no sense to think about what we gain / lose without having it .

But in general, I think we cannot complain. We won a lot of things: the generic rules of the marines, the new units, and a substantial improvement in our units, with the exception of poor Lemartes. Looking forward to having the supplement in hand to see the full photo.