Historical Miniature Painting Service

We paint historical miniatures.

A team specialized in painting historical miniatures

Miniature Painting Service 9 Historical Miniature Painting Service

Historical miniature painting service for wargaming and collectors

Collectors of historical miniatures need a miniature painter who paints them rigorously.

Historical Miniatures Painting for Wargames

We do all the work in our historical miniature painting service! We love historical miniature painting and we love wargames, so if you contract the integral management of the historical project we will take care of everything:

100% color scheme true to the history

We look for the details that determine and identify important people


We provide a justifying report to certify that the miniatures have been painted in a historically correct manner

Diorama & Scenery

You can get fantastic dioramas & secenery for your armies, includig special basing you like for your favorite model. Decorate your game table with a well-painted scenery.

100% adaptability to your wishes


We will ask you all the necessary questions to make the perfect project

The project will end when you confirm that every miniatures have the correct colours and details

All scales, ages and brands

historical miniature painting service
historical miniatures napoleonic
historical miniature painting for wargames
historical miniatures high priest

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