Greetings, miniature fans.

Txarli Factory has embarked on a kickstarter to launch a set of STL files with Egyptian Undead. That is, alternative miniatures for Tomb Kings of Khemri. He was asking for $ 4,000 and has already had 32,000 in the first days (with 12 days to finish the campaign). Unlike many campaigns, this one does not have unlockable objectives ( stretch goals ). But everything that there is, will be for all those who contribute. Right now there are hours to play the bird and take all the STLs for $ 29. And what does it contain this army of Txarly Factory?

No Khemri Skeletons of Txarli Factory

To start with the skeletons you see above, with a choice of shield, hand weapon, spear or bow. There are five of each, plus command group.

No Khemri Giant

giant of Txarly Factory

There is a Giant with a choice of two hand weapons, halberd, giant bow or the Balance of Destiny. My guess is that these are the names and gear options for T9A – or to mount the Hierotitan in Warhammer .

No Khemri Ushabits

ushabits or shabits of Txarly Factory

We see four Ushabtis (called Shabtis for copyright reasons) with a choice of halberd, two hand weapons or asp bow, as well as standard bearer. There are four different models (all interchangeable multicomponent).

No Khemri War Sphinx

Txlary factory Sphinx

The Necrosphinx could not be missing, also mountable as a War Sphinx (and the skeletons will already be taken from above).

No Khemri Sepulchral Stalkers

Txarly Factory Sans Stalkers

There are also the STL files to print and assemble three Halberd Sepulchral Stalkers, or make them surfers and transform them into Knights of the Necropolis.

No Khemri Scorpion Golem

Txarly Factory Scorpion Golem

Speaking of constructs, we also have an impressive Scorpion Golem. We will have as you see two different models, with interchangeable parts like everything.

No Khemri Reapers of the Sepulcher

Txarly Factory Morghast

Included in this campaign are the Reapers of the Sepulcher, or the Morghast of all life. As such, they can go with two handguns or halberd.

Nomad (No Khemri Necrotech)

Nomad of Txarly Factory. Necrotect

From what I think I understand, all this will be sold after the campaign for $ 120. Having it for $ 29 (hours left) or € 35 (later) is quite juicy, but as if that were not enough, an exclusive miniature is included for the sponsors of the campaign, a Nomad (Necrotect?) That can go with two weapons of hand, halberd or handgun and shield.

txarly factory miniatures for 9th age

It’s just that I don’t know if the quality … To settle debates, Txarli Factory offers this free model , so you can print it at home and see if you like it or not.

In all cases it is STL with already designed supports, of course a resin printer (not filament) is recommended due to the amount of details. If you have a resin 3D printer and you are looking to expand (or start!) Your army of Tomb Kings, I think it is a very good option.