Who´s behind our brushes?

Where we come from? Where we go? Are there people on the other side of the screen? You are right!

Hello, We are Oidut Studio, a professional team of miniature painters, with extensive experience in the world of modeling and miniaturism.


Miniature Painting Company based in Spain

Rincón del Cielo 4, Saragossa, Spain.



Founded and painter

A crazy dreamer, and a family guy who decided to make his passion his profession.  He began to paint miniatures at the age of 14, and at the age of 17 he already taught painting.


Since then he has not stopped, and currently has been painting miniatures on request since 2011.

figure painting
warhammer painting figures



Hello! My name is Daniel and I have been painting miniatures for more than 20 years. The first years, being very young, as a hobby more. Over the years and after a short break, I decided to take it more seriously and start using advanced techniques, especially learning thanks to the legendary forum of the “Spanish Team”. Until today, that is already 6 years doing it in a professional way. I´m the historical miniatures official painter!



Hi, my name is David Strom.

I have been painting for more than 20 years, I have won several GW competitions including 3 figurines of Diablesa (the little sister of the Golden Demon),

I have been painting professionally for 3 years.

This space marine painted is an example of my work.

miniature painting commission
cheap miniature painting service



I hardly know life without painting miniatures on request. Fine Arts student.

I combine my studies with my great hobby: wargames and especially the painting of miniatures..


Our Virtues

We don’t want to bore you with empty words,  that’s why we’ll only tell you the important thing:


We adapt our miniature painting service to your needs, so, we offer the best quality in the painting of miniatures from the simplest level to the works destined to showcases and competitions.


Our prices are what you see. We will not try to increase the budget with unjustified supplements

Our History

Year 2006. Foreword

Three friends who love Warhammer from a young age are hired as miniature painting monitors and wargames.

Year 2011. The Beginning of everything

After a few years of training, these friends decide to start a blog dedicated to the painting of miniatures, it started to go great, and in a short time the orders rose so much that they had to have more painters!

Year 2015. The great separation

The personal ambitions of one of these friends causes the final separation and rupture of the old project. Rupture that gave rise to the breeding ground from which what we know today as Oidut Studio will be reborn.

Year 2018. Resurgence

After a few years of preparation, one of the friends of that group of young people who began their adventures more than ten years before begins to develop a new project, stronger, more mature and more professional and the Studio is reforged. Come back stronger than ever.


We currently have a team of five painters dedicated to painting miniatures and we receive orders from across the European Union; mainly from Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the future...

We are working hard to expand to other corners of the world. Our medium term objective is to make the leap to the United States.