Your professional miniature painting service studio

Starbrush Studio is the world´s largest fantasy and sci-fi miniature painting service. Since 2011, our painters have led the way un quality, and most of all price.

The best Miniature Painters at your Service for High Quality Miniature Painting

Miniature Painting Service

We can paint from individual miniatures to large armies. Choose the painting level that best suits your needs. From the most basic standard to painted miniatures for the most demanding customers.

miniature painting service

Miniature Basing

We offer several levels of bases for your miniatures.

On special occasions, the model itself requires more work than the model above it. In these cases, you can see that we are the best making bases.

basing for miniatures

The best Team of Warhammer painters

We always have our eyes on painting miniatures. If you´re looking for our faces, here you can know who we are! Discover our way.

The Starbrush Studio team is formed by the best professional painters you can imagine. We combine the skills and techniques of all our miniature painters to provide our customers with a high quality miniature painting service, always up to their requirements.

paint miniatures service

Historical Miniatures Painting Service

Are you looking for a really experienced miniature painting team specialist in historical miniatures? Then you have found the qualified professionals to develop your proyect!

miniatures painting service

Dioramas & Scenery

You can get fantastic dioramas & secenery for your armies, includig special basing you like for your favorite model. Decorate your game table with a well-painted scenery.

painting services miniatures

A premium miniature commission painting service

We love to dedicate full time to miniature painting!

If you are a lover of wargames in our gallery you can see different models painted example of our painting levels and some of our best miniatures.

  • Warhammer 40k painting service.
  • Age of Sigmar.
  • Infinity Army, Malifaux, Aristeia Miniatures.

How we make projects? What is our paint job way? Our service includes assembing and basing.

Get high quality miniature paint at the lowest prices in the world


We adapt our level figure painting services and price to your needs.  We’re as adaptable as a Space Marine.

So, we just offer very high quality miniatures painting from the simplest painting quality levels to works destined for  showcases and tournaments.

Join the people that paint all kinds of miniatures!

Our professional team of warhammer painters want to provide pro painting miniatures  service because this great job deserve that their community have pretty good armies.

That´s our inspiration, but make sure that  a miniature painting studio could be really attractive pricing.

Our prices are what you see. We don´t have hidden terms. We wont try to increase the quote with unjustified supplements for your new army.

We´re one of the most experienced studios  painting miniatures.

We paint miniatures worldwide but we especially focus our miniature painting services projects at United States of America.

Our work is focused on making that our service of painting models look great, and get wargaming dioramas that make your imagination fly. And, in short, any service related to project, however small or large the project may be. That´s because our hobby is painting Warhammer, and our effect, offer our service anyone who cannot.

Do you want to be a pro painted army by a professional miniature painter who started paipnting more of ten years ago? Then contact us! We want to be your best miniature painting service studio!